The Undefeated Work & Plan of God

Series: The Church - The Mission, The Acts

Speaker: Chris Altman

August 2, 2020
Acts 15:36-16:5'>Acts 15:36-16:5

Chris Altman

Minister of Students/Media

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The Acts                                    A Review & A Hope                                       Acts 1:8     BIG PICTURE - Acts is NARRATIVE that is filled with descriptive and prescriptive things. 

Meaning it is filled with things we are to know and to do.


Acts 1:8 is the launching pad for the entire book.  It gives us the Who – What – Where – How

It gives us the layout of the book…the theme that guides us as we walk through this book.

 (Please use THIS LINK to view the Acts Overview chart)




The Undefeated Plan & Work of God                                                   Acts 15:36-16:5


NEAR CONTEXT:  After the 1st Missionary Journey, after the Jerusalem Council.  Spirits are high, unity is seen and strong. Two potential issues come up in the life of the church….the people of God.




God works in the ______ & _____ of our lives and relationships for our good and His glory.


  1. Where we see D_____________, God sees M__________________ (15:36-41)



  1. Where we see C_______________, God sees O _________________ (16:1-5)

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