Going Forward - Homecoming 2021

Series: Homecoming

Speaker: Stephen Peeples

July 25, 2021

Stephen Peeples

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Main Idea:

As we live in the season of grace, the church has but one option:

U______________, F______________, P_________________!



I. The P__________________ They Had (vv. 1-12)

They Had A Problem With

A. The W____________________ Around Them

B. The W______________ Behind Them

C. The W______________ Within Them



II. The P__________________ They Heard (vv. 13-14)

Moses Spoke to Them About

A. Avoiding F______________

B. Almighty F______________

C. Advancing F______________



III. The P__________________ That Helped (vv. 17-31)

A. In The Darkness, God Provided L______________ To See

B. In The Depths, God Provided L______________ To Step

C. In The Difficulty, God Provided a L______________ To Scare

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