Family Legacy Weekend


Family Legacy Weekend

 The What & Why:

Everyone desires to leave a healthy legacy.  Those belonging to Christ seek to leave a Godly legacy.  Legacy is that which you leave behind.  What you leave behind is always determined by what you're currently doing.  Our children are facing a major battle.  Adults and parents are facing a major battle.  Our legacy is being challenged from every angle, even that which we hold in the palm of our hands daily.  In hopes of helping your family leave a Godly legacy in the midst of a tech driven world RRBC presents FAMILY LEGACY WEEKEND.   

We kick this off on Friday August 10th with Safeguarding your Family Legacy in a Tech SAVVY World.     

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Your child will spend 8.5 hours each day connected to screens and media. This tech generation is redefining how we find community and friends, the kind of personal information we share, and what are acceptable sexual boundaries.

As parents we must help our children to use technology responsibly and with integrity, and it starts here.  We hope you'll join us as we dive deep into issues that are affecting our teens and us on a daily basis. You'll leave with a working knowledge of the online culture and also with specific steps to safeguard your home and child's life.

The weekend continues with a Saturday student event and with Brian speaking in our morning service on August 12th. 

  • Friday Night @ 6:30p - Tech Savvy Parenting Workshop w/ Dinner.  In order to help us prepare we are asking each family register for our Friday night parent event.  We will be serving Hudson's BBQ.  The cost to cover this event is $6/per person.   

                              REGISTER For FRIDAY HERE

  • Saturday Evening @ 6:30p - Student Hangout w/ Brian Housman.  Students come for Pizza, Community and Discussion.  Challenging students to develop a theology of technology for their lives. Learning to use technology in a way that is honoring to themselves, others around them, and their relationship with God.
  • Sunday Morning @ 10:45a - Brian Housman in the Worship Service. Three principles for leaving a spiritual legacy in your family and life that will last through the generations.